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Super Lemon Haze product review

If you don’t enjoy reading in-depth, lengthy articles, I’ve got you covered. You can quickly glance at the small table below for all the information you require about the lovely strain before racing to the closest dispensary.


The names of the Super Lemon Haze’s similarly brilliant and colorful parents, Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze, inspired the strain. Having passed through Amsterdam, Lemon Skunk eventually arrived in Arjan’s possession at Green House Seeds. His brilliance caused him to clash with Super Silver Haze, another zesty favorite.

The mixture was so well received that our very own cannabis flower won the cannabis cup twice and is still running strong today. You wouldn’t be missing anything with this lovely product, which has a distinctive flavor, a lively effect, and a zesty perfume.

Appearance and Growth Situation

The Super Lemon Haze takes things a step further by having a large concentration of transparent and resinous trichomes in addition to a generous amount of coated crystals. And that’s not all; the Super Lemon Haze also contains a significant amount of THC, nearly 25% or more. Keep in mind that such a high THC concentration might cause anxiety and panic attacks, so stay far within the range of your tolerance.

The flashing green pistils on the buds give them a sophisticated twist while yet maintaining the cannabis plant’s traditional lemony appearance. Since this one isn’t simply a nice face, the twist is one you won’t soon forget. From the strain’s buds onward, the leaves are just as stimulating and stunning, with a lengthy, stretching length and a vibrant green color.

Overall, a really appealing bud, which amply explains my excessive affection for the variety.

Moving on to the strain’s growth requirements, it is one of those that doesn’t require much maintenance but may require assistance during flowering. It is an intriguing strain to grow even though novice growers are not particularly interested in doing so.

Although the Super Lemon Haze adapts well to both indoor and outdoor settings, you may want to be aware that its Sativa lineage can grow to astounding heights. The variety is renowned to expand its root system and display an almost tree-like height with a great output when cultivated outdoors without restrictions.


Good aromas can be found in food, cannabis, people, or even something as simple as soap. They all have an alluring quality. And there is scientific evidence to support this, according to which the area of the brain that processes odors—the olfactory bulb—is connected to the area that regulates emotions. So now I understand why when I smell the zesty, citrus scent, I get aroused.

Super Lemon Haze’s aroma will transport you to a garden full of every citrus fruit you can imagine as you stroll through it. With hints of grapefruit, orange, lemon peel, and other flavors, it builds to a flowery, spicy perfume that mesmerizes you and leaves your mouth watering. The majority of people also describe the scent as spicy and acidic, which also conveys the same sensation as lemon candies or drops.

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