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Magic Mushroom Brain Benefits

Research led by Dr. James Sanchez-Ramos at the University of South Florida shows that the magic mushroom brain benefits from a chemical compound called psilocybin. This compound aids the brain in overcoming fears and assists in the development of neurons that lead to the rebirth of brain cells.

With the support of these new cells, the brain becomes more energetic and develops the power to memorize, learn, and relearn certain procedures. Through psilocybin, it lessens the fear of treacherous stimuli that force the brain into damage.

How does the magic mushroom grow new brain cells?

After years of searching for better and more effective brain medicine, researchers have discovered that psilocybin is the answer. The team experimented with the compound in the brains of mice. They trained it to fear the electric shock. They compare the animals’ reactions to electric shocks with and without psilocybin.

The tested animals without psilocybin ran when they heard the sound of the electric shock, but when they gave the mice a small dose of psilocybin, the animals did not react to the sound of the electric shock. This shows that magic mushroom mental health benefits partners in restoring the brain from damage or aging.

The dose of psilocybin is

In the study, they also injected psilocybin into the person; normally, medicine takes six hours to take effect, but psilocybin took only five minutes. For more great revelations of information about magic mushrooms, here is the link for your guidance.

Years of research and experimentation

Psilocybin has been in existence for thousands of years and has been widely used in Central America for spiritual and divinatory purposes. Back then, there was no theory or scientific study that humans benefited from consuming magic mushrooms.

From the 18th century, when scientists started to unintentionally pick up and eat magic mushrooms, and from then on, research found more benefits to this fungus. Consuming magic mushrooms was illegal in previous years because of its negative containment of poisonous chemicals.

Researchers did not stop researching to provide scientific evidence that psilocybin in magic mushrooms is effective and not harmful for human consumption. Thanks to our diligent and intelligent doctors and researchers who continue to provide evidence for the safety of magic mushrooms, Now that the restriction has been lifted and governments like the FDA have approved the use of magic mushrooms for public consumption as medicine for people with mental health issues like LSD, MDD, and the like.

There are people who have tried eating magic mushrooms and testified that it is effective for them and that it helps them manage their emotions. Nonetheless, it is still important that before eating or ingesting magic mushrooms, you consult your doctor or other expert who can help you know how to consume magic mushrooms.

All medications have the side effect of being used in the wrong way, by the wrong person, and with the wrong intake. It is best to take the medicine with the proper understanding. The same with magic mushrooms. There are now experts who can explain and help individuals consume this product in a wise manner. Like in our company, we provide legal and true magic mushrooms that have true benefits for mental health.

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