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How Magic Mushrooms Kills Depression

People around the world experience depression or other mental problems, especially now that we face a pandemic. The rate of increase around the world is increasing. Nonetheless, depression should not be a major problem nowadays; if we accept that we have it, we can avoid it by treating it with medication prescribed by our doctors.

The approval of the FDA, people can have the liberty to use this treatment for depression with proper medication. Since 2011 or earlier, research has not stopped proving that magic mushrooms kills depression. Psilocybin is a drug found in magic mushrooms that has benefits in magic mushrooms that fights against major depressions.

The Benefits and Downside of Magic Mushrooms for Depression

According to the research, 59 patients were tested with different levels of depression. However, there was no notable level of dosage of magic mushrooms to have an effect on the dose of psilocybin for each level of depression. With that, we need to understand the advantages and disadvantages of psilocybin for each person taking it.

The advantages of magic mushrooms

Effective Medication for Depression

According to the experts, psilocybin helps reset the brain of the patient. This drug provides a temporary kick start that breaks out of the depression stage. Others use this medication as a last resort or solution.

Lasting impact

Research shows that taking this medication provides you with relief up to five weeks after taking two doses of psilocybin. Another study found that one dose of psilocybin can heal depression in cancer patients. However, most patients with depression still need to take antidepressants daily or attend weekly sessions with their therapist.

Quick result

According to experts who conduct research on magic mushrooms, psilocybin has proven to be safe and effective when used correctly. A depressed patient who takes this medicine will have an improvement within a week after.

The Disadvantage of Magic Mushrooms

Limited stocks

Magic mushrooms already have FDA approval, but the availability of manufacturers is limited only to a few. It needs understanding for the right people who are facing depression so that magic mushrooms can have mental health benefits.

Unsettled emotions

Researchers warn people who use magic mushrooms as self-medication because it can create dangers that they may not be able to stop. These include:

  • Paranoia
  • Hallucinations
  • Confusion
  • Derealization
  • Distress thoughts

If you do not have proper knowledge about magic mushrooms, they will give you an unsettled mind, or worse, may worsen the condition of the patient.

As I conclude, magic mushrooms are not that widely known to all people, and most do not have knowledge about how magic mushrooms kills depression. It is important to have this kind of blog and other information that will cascade to all people to provide them with understanding.

Hence, with the above facts that we share, it will help you gain the right information and assist you in how to use this magic medicine for your own medication and for others. There are shops that offer the sale of magic mushrooms at affordable prices and with different content in different variants.

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