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What is the shelf life of CBD oil?

The shelf life of CBD oil should last 18 to 24 months in an unopened bottle. The length of time depends on the materials used, the quality of the container, and how well it is preserved. The cannabinoids may begin to break down after 24 months, resulting in decreasing potency and fewer positive effects. Once a bottle of CBD oil is opened, the process accelerates, and a bottle can last for up to 6 months.

Quick Facts

  • The best CBD oil lasts 18 to 24 months in an unopened bottle.
  • The breakdown of the cannabinoids in CBD oil can be accelerated by exposure to sunlight, heat, and air.
  • After the seal on a bottle of CBD is broken, it will last for up to 6 months.
  • Bad CBD oil has a foul odor and a thicker consistency.
  • CBD oil that has been discontinued is unlikely to cause harm, although it will have a different cannabinoid profile and lower strength.
  • The easiest approach to extend the life of your oil is to keep it well sealed and store it at room temperature away from direct sunlight.

What factors influence the shelf life of CBD Oil?

The longevity of pure CBD oil is determined by the individual constituents’ chemical makeup and integrity. The majority of oils comprise hemp extract plus a carrier oil, although some also include flavorings, vitamins, or terpenes.

The quality of these components, as well as how they were removed, can have a significant impact on how long they last. When one component begins to degrade, the quality of the entire oil suffers.

The rate at which any natural item degrades or spoils is determined by three primary environmental factors:

Light – UV radiation generates energy for chemical reactions that can degrade and break down natural items like oils and cannabis. This is why some businesses keep their CBD oil in brown glass bottles.

Heat – Temperature increases also give energy for degrading reactions to occur. This permits the oil and hemp extract’s constituents to change over time.

Air – Many of the processes that occur during the breakdown of natural compounds require oxygen. The combination of light, heat, and oxygen causes it to take on a more reactive form, causing CBD oil to degrade more quickly.

According to an expert, if it is stored properly, the change in cannabinoids after the expiration date is small. However, if it is exposed to light, heat, or air, the cannabinoids are more likely to break down. THCa will convert to THC, CBDa will convert to CBD, and THC will convert to CBN.

How to tell if CBD Oil is bad?

If your CBD oil has gone bad, you’ll notice the following:

The usual earthy odor has changed; it is now harsher and more unpleasant.

The color darkens, and the texture becomes sludgy and difficult to pour.

The usual grassy, nutty flavor has changed and is now absolutely unpleasant.

These changes vary per oil, but if you notice a change in appearance, flavor, or odor, it’s likely that it’s started to go bad.

Can bad CBD Oil drops make you sick?

Even though CBD oil that has gone bad is unlikely to get you sick or hurt you, you should avoid using it. The cannabis content will change as the substances degrade, and the new chemical composition will be unlikely to produce the outcomes you paid for.

How to store CBD Oil?

  1. Although the way and when CBD oil goes bad varies by brand, there are a few easy things you can do to slow the process down that should work for all CBD oils:
  2. Keep your oil in a dark closet away from direct sunlight to avoid the cannabinoids from breaking down prematurely due to UV exposure or heat.
  3. Keep it at room temperature – Keeping it at a constant temperature of around 20°C will prevent the cannabinoids from degrading owing to excessive heat.
  4. Only open it when you’re ready to use it — the longer you keep the bottle sealed, the longer the active ingredients will last before they start to degrade.
  5. Close the lid tightly after each use — Keeping the lid closed tight reduces the amount of air that can enter and prevents leaks. If air or oil can get into your product, it will most likely go bad over time.

We hope that you’ve learned a lot from this post regarding the shelf life of CBD oil. Don’t hesitate to reach us if you have more questions.

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