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Six Things to Think About When Taking Magic Mushrooms

Taking Magic Mushrooms have recently received a lot of positive attention. They’ve been designated as a breakthrough drug by the US Food and Drug Administration, which means they’re becoming more widely available, and more individuals are becoming interested in trying them. If you’re thinking about trying magic mushrooms, here are the top six things you should think about before doing so safely.

Your surroundings

The most crucial factor to consider is your surroundings. Make sure you’re in a secure, private location away from the public eye. Your surroundings are referred to as the setting in “set and setting,” a term coined by LSD Guru Timothy Leary, and it plays an important role in the result of your trip. When you ingest mushrooms in the incorrect situation, you risk having a difficult experience. If you don’t feel safe and secure, you’ll almost certainly experience increased anxiety or paranoia. A pleasant environment will boost the overall benefits of the journey and make a difficult trip more manageable. You may improve your surroundings even more by creating a safe area. 

Your mental well-being

The “set” in the phrase “set and setting” refers to your thinking, which is just as essential as your surroundings. Magic mushrooms are hallucinogenic. They improve feelings by stimulating the brain. So, if you’re going through a bad patch, it might be a good idea to wait till the storm passes. The major active element in magic mushrooms, psilocybin, has been shown to be effective in treating PTSD, severe depression, and anxiety. However, if you have a mental disease and want to try psilocybin or any psychedelic therapy, you should first visit one of a competent medical authorities. Do not self-prescribe; while utilizing psychedelics as medication, it is critical to have the correct assistance and direction.

Your objectives

Before you ingest magic mushrooms, consider why you want to do so and what you hope to gain from the experience. Making a plan ahead of time. If you’re spiraling, finding a notion to return to while taking psychedelics can provide a home base and help you find deeper significance.

Choose something personal and straightforward, and go with whatever comes to mind and seems appropriate to you. This could include things like understanding specific emotions, interpersonal interactions, or how you interact with society and nature. For example, you could concentrate on self-acceptance, fear of achievement, or an inflated or deflated ego.

Your physical well-being

Your physical health is the next item on our list of six things to think about before using magic mushrooms. Do not take these if you are not physically fit. If you have a cold, are recovering from surgery, or have any damaged limbs, you should wait until you feel better. This is because you may become overly preoccupied with your illness. And this could make you uncomfortable.

Magic mushrooms have mental and physical effects; for example, they can reduce blood pressure. If you’re on medication, don’t take them. If you have a cold or a stomach ache, the toxins in magic mushrooms may aggravate your symptoms.

Sitter on trips

It’s a good idea to have a trip sitter or guide whether you’re doing shrooms alone or in a group. A guide will stay sober during the journey and can assist if things get out of hand. Always inform your trip sitter of your plans so that they can remind you if necessary.

A trip sitter will think rationally and can help you if you grow uncomfortable or anxious throughout the journey. They can also prevent you from acting foolishly or irresponsibly.

The dosage and the strain

The strain is the last of our six things to think about before taking magic mushrooms. Some strains are more strong than others, and the effects vary according to the variety. Others are more introspective, while others are more visual. Always get mushrooms from a reputable source. On the illicit market, finding a wide range can be difficult.

Many people who take magic mushrooms consider it to be one of their most profound life experiences, and the odds that this is also true for you will improve if you follow these six suggestions during your next session.

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