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THC Edibles

Twisted Extracts – Black Cherry ZZZ Bombs (80mg THC)


1 bag (8 dose)
Approx. 80mg of THC


Delicious, sweet and tasty. These fantastic jelly bombs are full of 80mg of THC in each dose and are possibly the best and easiest way to get your relief on the go. Great for people needing a sweet treat while getting the medicine they need or even better for those who can’t smoke cannabis and want to take advantage of its benefits.

Not only are they delicious, these sweet gummies are a great way to get easy and precise dosing of medical cannabis both at home and on the go. Just pop one in, chew, swallow and away you go. No more mess, just enjoy tasty relief.

WARNING: Contains Cannabis. Keep away from children and pets.

Our JELLY BOMB design provides a consistent reliable delivery system for the ingestion of Cannabis.

Directions: Cut into 8 equal doses of 10 mg each. First time users take a single 10 mg dose. Allow 40-60 minutes for full effect. Dose may be adjusted as needed for subsequent use.

Ingredients: Corn syrup, sugar, gelatin, cannabis extract, coconut oil, citric acid, corn starch, sorbitol, artificial colour and flavoring.

Active Ingredients: Hybrid cannabis extract winterized and decarboxylated.


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