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Welcome to Shroom Garden your trusted cannabis and magic mushrooms store both online and physical store. We provide this product with one purpose that is to help people find an alternative but effective source of comfort in their mental health. 

We provide extensive research so that we do not provide fake and unclean cannabis to all of our consumers. More importantly, we sell legal cannabis in the entire regions of Canada.

Legal Cannabis:

It’s crucial that you purchase cannabis that is legal. When ingesting cannabis, it is not only better for your health but also ensures that you abide by local laws.

Why Cannabis Is Legal

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Additionally, we provide Shatter in a variety of flavors, including fruit punch, black window, and pink glue. Cannabis extract known as “shatter” is fragile, glass-like, and breakable. It resembles glass and, when split in half, tends to shatter or break like glass. Shatter is a popular among those who dab, like other cannabis concentrates. Shatter that has been properly cured results from a meticulous and patient manufacturing process. 

We offer the necessary tools for producing top-notch cannabis shutters. Shatter is a sort of cannabis concentrate known as an extract that is created using solvents and cannabis plant material. Shatter cannabis often has a transparent look, while its hues can range from a brilliant, honey-like amber to a deeper yellow that resembles corn oil.

Our mushroom contains a significant amount of cannabis, which will only benefit all consumers. For your safety when ingesting the pills, it is crucial to purchase them from a licensed cannabis retailer.

Cannabis – Baked Edibles – Hot Chocolate Mix

You may ask: Can cannabis be mixed with chocolate? The answer is yes, absolutely. They have great taste. Our cannabis chocolate mix has 50mg of THC per pack, which is the best quantity of cannabis to intake. Make sure that it is not reachable by children because it is not advisable for children to take cannabis without a doctor’s prescription. 

Hot chocolate is the best to soothe anxiety and fatigue. It is portioned by a teaspoon. First time users should add 1-2 tsp. Allow 60 minutes for full effect before considering any additional dosages. It can also be used in baking, like brownies, cakes, and other related baked products.  

We also have edible chocolate bars ranging in strength from 1500mg to 5000mg, so you can enjoy the great taste of milk and dark chocolate.

As you browse on our website, you will see all of our products that suit your taste buds with great results.

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